18 Golden Retrievers Who Lived On The Streets Will Experience A Home For The First Time

They’ve never experienced a dog bed or toys before. Even the comfort of human touch is a relatively new experience for them. But for 18 Golden Retrievers who lived on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, they are about to learn what it’s like to be a family pet. There are hundreds of Golden Retrievers abandoned and homeless in the Mediterranean country.

The dogs were flown to Texas where they spent their first day getting groomed, bathed, vetted and named!

Gold Ribbon Rescue arranged for the dogs to make their long journey to Dripping Springs and found them forever families. It wasn’t long before their adopters eagerly waited so that they could take their new dogs home.

In the video below, Donald Smith is adopting Travis, who was in tears thinking about how his dog Travis was going to die on the streets. He says he plans on giving Travis lots of toys, lots of treats and lots of love.

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These aren’t the first Goldens to be rescued from Istanbul. Thirty-six Golden Retrievers were rescued and arrived in Atlanta, Georgia last year.

Source: Reshareworthy

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