These 20 Clever Cleaning Hacks Will Save You Time, Money, And Probably Your Sanity.


After a long day at the office, the last thing you want to do when you get home is clean. But the longer you wait, even the simplest tasks become more expensive and harder to handle.

As it turns out, you don’t need to shell out the big bucks for fancy products to clean your home. In fact, with these simple tricks, you can make your place sparkle in no time at all.

1. Tough carpet stain? Break out your steam iron and a damp washcloth for maximum cleaning power. The heat and the moisture act as a one-two punch against even the toughest

2. To get stubborn food stains off your cutting board, sprinkle it with kosher salt and scrub the salt using half a lemon. Once you rinse, you’ve got a fresh-smelling and sparkling Good Thing By Jillee

3. To get rid of the dark grease marks left behind on cookie trays, create a paste made of 1/4 cup baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Carefully apply the mixture and let it sit for three hours. Rinse clean to reveal a like-new pan!cleaning-hacks-3One Good Thing By Jille

4. A clogged shower head might have you on the market for a new one, but save your money! Take a sandwich bag full of white vinegar, secure it to your shower head, and let it sit for two to three hours. It’ll be like having a whole new Real-Life Housewife

5. To freshen up stale mattresses, sprinkle baking soda on top, let it sit, and vacuum up the excess powder. cleaning-hack-5All You

6. Dirty grater eating all your sponges? Use a potato instead! Their natural acid will eat away gunk. As a bonus, it will also leave you with the first and most important ingredient for tasty hash v. Ramen

7. If you need to clean your microwave, fret no more. Microwave a measuring cup of hot water with lemon on high for two minutes. Then just wipe down the inside. The steam has already done the hard work!cleaning-hacks-7Burnt Macaroni

8. Do you have lots of dirty plastic toys to wash? This is what dishwashers were made for! Just make sure you don’t set the temperature too high. cleaning-hacks-7Brady Lou Guru

9.  Coffee machines can hide all sorts of muck inside, so try brewing up a piping hot pot of white vinegar and water. Let the full pot brew and then sit for 30. Run a second cycle with just water to rinse, and you’ve got a clean

10. Forget wasting money on disposable dusters. Take an old sock or t-shirt, dip lightly in vinegar, and wipe away the dust and grime with

11. Don’t get soap near your dirty cast iron skillet. Just scrub it with a mixture of salt and olive oil, rinse, and wipe clean for a smooth, even finish.11-cleaning-cast-iron-skilletThe Kitchn

12. Rubbing a fresh bagel on a painting removes dust and lint.12-cleaning-oil-paintings-with-bagelThe Brick House

13. Make your own Goo-Gone with baking soda and coconut oil to remove sticky problems.13-make-your-own-gunk-removerrosybluhandmade

14. To clean your blender easily, put in a couple of drops of soap, fill with warm water, and blend. Then rinse and let dry.14-how-to-clean-a-blenderAmazon

15. Let your toothbrush sit in a vinegar solution for twenty minutes, then rinse thoroughly to get a brand new toothbrush.15-how-to-clean-a-toothbrushLivestrong

16. To make the outside of stainless steel appliances shine like new, scrub them down with a mixture of water and cream of tartar.16-how-to-clean-stainless-steelA Real-Life Housewife

17. Defunk grout by applying a mixture of baking soda and bleach. Let it sit for ten minutes, then gently sponge away to reveal bright, white grout.17-how-to-clean-bathroom-groutPractically Functional

18. Clean out your oily coffee grinder by pouring in white, uncooked rice. Grind it as you would coffee, dump, wipe, and voila — clean grinder!

19. Get rid of fingerprints and general grime on your cabinets with a homemade polish made of vegetable oil and baking soda. It not only cleans, it leaves a glossy veneer behind.19-how-to-clean-kitchen-cabinets

20. For a natural way to clean your oven so it looks like new, prepare this simple natural recipe!


It may be time for me to invest in an economy-size jug of vinegar and a massive box of baking soda… is there anything these two magical ingredients can’t do?

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Source: Boredom Therapy

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