This Brilliant Invention Could Save Many Horses’ Lives… And Potentially Yours.


There are some parts of our country where horses are just as common as cars. But despite their popularity, there’s little infrastructure in place to ensure that these modes of transportation can be safe on the roads.

One night, Sami Gros was riding her favorite horse when they were struck by a driver who didn’t see them. The accident changed her life, but instead of grieving, she decided to come up with a solution that would prevent anything like that from ever happening again.


After Sami Gros and her horse were hit by a car at night, she knew she had to do something to make sure it didn’t happen to anyone else.



While there were plenty of reflective safety accessories on the market, they weren’t enough to alert drivers. So instead, she invented her own device.



She calls them Tail Lights.



These LED displays can be comfortably attached to a horse with a washable neoprene tail wrap.


  The lights can also be commanded via remote to change colors and patterns.


It would be nearly impossible for a driver to miss this on the side of the road.


Charging the lights only takes a few hours, and according to Sami, most users only need to charge once a week.


Now you and your horse will be safe and stylish!


This is such a brilliant idea, and it has a lot of potential to save the lives of many horses and their riders. Good job, Sami.

Share this invention with your friends, and consider donating to the Tail Lights fund on Kickstarter!

Source: Boredom Therapy

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