Covering A Box Of Matches In Hot Glue Could Seriously Save You In An Emergency.

Glue guns are one of the greatest tools for crafting and fixing things around the house. In fact, they’re pretty much useful in any situation, but you can’t exactly carry one wherever you go.

Until now.

With just a few things you already have in your house, you can make something to help you fix anything on the go — and it fits right in your pocket.

First, you’ll need some regular matches.


Then, take a glue stick used in a glue gun and hold one end over a flame until it’s soft.


Take the matches one by one and roll them around in the glue until it forms a band around the matchstick.



Watch the next steps below and create your very own hot glue matches:

Technically, you could also use super glue, but many materials will actually not stick to super glue. These would be great to have when camping in the woods, and they only takes a few minutes to make. Genius!

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Source: Boredom Therapy

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