WATCH: The world’s scariest base jump EVER!

If you don’t have a stomach for serious adrenaline, best you look away right now.

This super-sketchy video shows two daredevils ziplining on a rusty cable without gloves on makeshift equipment. Then, when they reach a super dodgy-looking KNOT right in the centre of the rusty old cable, the guys proceed to throw away said ‘makeshift equipment’ and then (as if this can get any more nerve-wrecking), they JUMP to the ground.

You can tell they’re a bit out of their depth too, as they are heard breathing nervously on the GoPro footage…

The first jumper also seems to lose his glove along the way, resulting is an even more stomach-wrenching ride to the middle of the gorge! Thankfully he didn’t lose a finger or two, but his hands seem pretty worn… Ouch!

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